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                Spiritual Energy Healing

                               REIKI HEALING WITH CRYSTALS



Crystals used during Reiki Healing will help the healing and energy balancing. They will speed up the healing process.






The purpose of a laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being. The healer's role is to be comforting, supportive and non-judgmental, giving the client safety to release these emotions and talk. This is part of the healing process.








One of the simplest ways to help balance the whole chakra system is to place a stone of the appropriate color on each area. This will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the overall harmony of the system. The interaction between the stones and chakras will return the chakra into healthy vibration, therefore healing the part of the body affected. 



Spiritual Energy Healing



Energy healing is system that works with your aura and energy body to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  It can also be called psychic healing, aura cleansing, or faith healing. 


We can work on you if you are sitting in front of them or a continent away. Healing can be given anywhere on the globe. Conditions that can be addressed long distance are usually those that are more subtle in nature, such as emotional issues, loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, post surgery recovery, energy imbalances, feelings of fear & anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, headaches, feeling of being lost, etc.  Whether present or not, our healers can help facilitate relief and release from:


                                                       * chronic headaches / migraines * colds and fevers,
 * stress, high blood pressure, * ulcers
   * arthritis and back aches, * fatigue, weak libido,
* all addictions, including smoking * digestive disorders & obesity
 * PMS * post - surgical recovery
 * emotional and spiritual issues * rage and uncontrolled anger
   * depression, paranoia * sadness, grief
   * obsessive / compulsive behavior * several other conditions.


Energy therapy works from the inside out. The healer finds a block in the energy flow and works to clear it. The healer can put his focus and attention on the body and psychological and/or spiritual structures that caused the energy block. 


We all have areas of mental and emotional disturbance that we have forgotten. Greater alignment and understanding of our spirituality and purpose is an innate drive. We adapt to our forgotten hurts, pains, and ingrown conditions. We are often surprised how different we feel after we are balanced. Some things are easy to change. Other areas may need more time or prolonged healing sessions before we are able to balance them. By engaging the healing energies of life through psychic massage, you can open new doors to your spiritual unfoldment.

Body/Soul/Chakra Balancing calibrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies through a concentrated focus to eliminate energy blocks and maximize the creation of the life of your dreams.

Distance Healing creates a soothing flow of reconnection and activates channels of energy to increase wellness in all areas of life.


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