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Accurate Psychic Readings

There are many reasons why a Psychic Medium Reading could prove beneficial to your life. When there are things that you simply can not understand for yourself, or would like to gain a more clear sense of your life's path, getting a psychic reading can help unlock such powerful insights! No subject is taboo for Charlie because she wants you to leave satisfied and more knowledgeable than you were before your psychic reading with her. She can find out the answers to important questions regarding such topics as love, career, family, life changes, legal matters, depression, confusion, doubts, health, or anything else that may be concerning. Skeptics have become true believers after only one session with her intense and accurate psychic readings. If you are wondering where there are astrology readings near me? Look no further than Charlie!


*Charlie offers sessions by phone, sessions by email or sessions in person. She also can perform group readings and will appear at special events/parties.

Complete Palm Reading 

Many people view Palm Reading as a more traditional form of psychic reading. Each of your palms have 3 main lines: Life, Love & Family. These lines allow the reader to give guidance on learning more about yourself and what you are here to do, it can give a timeline of major life events. These palm readings can be validating if you have questions about your career path, your soulmate or your health/longevity. Readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, skin patterns, skin texture/color, shape of the palm and flexibility of the hand. Palm Readings usually begin by reading the 'dominant hand' (the hand used the most).

Diagram Of Palm Reading and Description Of Lines

A Tarot Reading consists of a series of cards that are philosophical in nature. These cards are interpreted by the psychic, who will be able to give details they channel that may not be able to be interpreted on your own. The interpretation will offer you guidance and insight into your life, your problems, and your goals. It is important to know what specific questions you want to ask before going into a reading. Charlie may see your future and offer you guidance. However, you and you alone control your future by the choices you make daily. Tarot Card Readings can help you determine if you are on the right path and help you make better choices for your future.​

Tarot Card Reading 

Tarot Card Decks and Crystals for Tarot Card Readings

Crystal Tarot cards give guidance when confused, lost, broken or hurt. They can reveal toxic poisons like people, places, bad energies and bad intentions around you. Your past present and future will be explored. Charlie will become in tune with your aura color and your angels will be revealed. Blockages will also be revealed and the psychic will work with you to remove them. When you gain this knowledge from your reading it will aid you in meditating on positive energy with a spiritual mind, making your dreams come true! The aftermath of your reading can bring a successful future, aiding you in letting go of your past and achieving your goals.

Crystal Energy Aura Reading 

Crystals Inside of a Glass

If all of Charlie's psychic reading services interest you or you cannot decide which one to choose, this is the great place to start! You will receive a Palm Reading, Tarot Card Reading and Crystal Reading. These readings will give you all of the benefits of all these previous mentioned services combined. This service is beneficial for those who feel lost and unsure of their next steps. It will answer any questions and leave no stone unturned.

Full Life Special

Tarot Cards, Crystals on Table

Have you ever wondered who is watching over you? Whether it is a lost loved one or your guardian angels, there are answers for you. This type of reading can give closure to those wondering what happened to those they love once they passed. Charlie prefers that you bring in a personal item of any passed on loved one you wish to inquire about through psychic guidance. If you are interested in becoming more in tune with your angels, this can be beneficial. This reading is done with the help of the reader's crystal ball. ​

Psychic Guidance

Man Looking To The Galaxy For Psychic Guidance

Since the beginning of human civilization we have been using the stars to navigate through our lives. The stars hold more than just a horoscope, they give us the ability to learn a lot of information. Charlie is able to use your date, place and time of birth along with the stars to determine aspects about yourself. If you wonder what career you were meant to be in, this can give you some guidance. You can also learn how you can attract your astrology love connection and get guidance on if your right partner is right for you.  

Personalized Astrology Reading

Telescope Looking To The Sky At The Stars
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