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       Accurate Psychic Readings


There are many reasons why a Psychic Reading could prove beneficial to your life. When there  are things that you simply can not understand for yourself, or would like to gain a more clear sense of your life's path, getting a psychic reading can help unlock such powerful insights!   No subject is taboo for Psychic Charlie because she wants you to leave satisfied and more knowledgeable than you were before your psychic reading with her.  charlie can find out the answers to important questions regarding such topics as love, career, family, life changes, legal matters, depression, confusion, doubts, health, or anything else that may be concerning to you.


  Ms.Charlie provides accurate psychic readings that are sure to amaze you! Skeptics have become true believers after only one session with her intense psychic readings! Call now, and see why she is voted one of the best psychics on the web today!


                                      Accurate Psychic Readings Available...


 Call for more information about prices and to schedule your personal psychic reading with charlie! She offers sessions by phone, in person, can perform group readings, and will appear at special events!





                                                                               TAROT READINGS


   A tarot reading consists of a series of cards that are philosophical in nature. These cards are interpreted by the psychic. The interpretation will offer you guidance and insight into your life, your problems, and your goals. To get the most out of a Tarot Reading, you should ask a specific question - so the answer can be more specific. Gather your thoughts before a reading and have your questions already in your mind. Psychics may see your future and offer you advice. However, you and you alone control your future by the choices you make daily. A Tarot Reading can help you determine if you are on the right path and help you make better choices for your future.


                                   PSYCHIC READINGS


Psychic Readings can be conducted any where as the psychic receives the information that is relayed to the client in the form of ESP, because the intuitive senses operate outside our conventional ideas of space and time. Psychic readings provide insight and help you understand the issues at hand, how to resolve them, and how to create a better and brighter future.


 Psychics "read" people by various methods, including clairvoyance (perception of images), clairaudience (extrasensory hearing), and empathy (sensing of feelings, emotions, and physical sensations), and may use multiple intuitive skills at the same time. What a psychic is doing is sensing the energy or vibration of a person and translating the resulting information into a verbal language that is understandable.



                                                                                   RUNE READINGS


 Runes are very ancient oracles. Runes serve as teachers that speak to the inner teacher within to provide us with wisdom. They are about timely and appropriate action. When you consult the Runes, be mindful of how you phrase your queries.


 For example, if you are considering where a relationship is headed and if you should end that relationship; instead of asking, "Should I end my relationship with X,Y or Z?", phrase it as: "I need information about my relationship." By using this broader phrasing, you will get more information and, with wisdom, you will be able to look at more than just a "yes" or "no" solution.


 Another useful query is, "What lesson do I need to learn?" Knowing where you are and your purpose for being in that place gives you a clearer sense of direction and choice.



                                                                           PAST LIFE READINGS


            Past lives

 Have you ever had that sense of deja vu - the feeling that you have been in that exact time or place before? The belief that one life carries over to the next, allowing one to perfect the life and soul is at the root of reincarnation.


 People that have lived a past life may find themselves behaving in confusing ways and experiencing fears that are not in line with their current life. In other words, their behavior or feelings make no practical sense. However, by investigating past lives, they may discover that the behavior is based on past experiences. Having a past life reading can reveal many interesting things about you and what influences are guiding your life today. It can help you to avoid making the same mistakes in this life that you made in a previous life.



                                                                                     PALM READINGS



 Palm Readings give insight into your life and future. Readers also examine characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, fingerprints and skin patterns, skin texture and color, shape of the palm, and flexibility of the hand.


 A reader usually begins by reading the person's 'dominant hand' (the hand he or she writes with or uses the most).




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