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Psychic Spiritual Reader & Advisor

About Charlie

Charlie has been conducting readings since the age of 12 years old. Since then, she has guided and aided many through life and personal challenges as an experienced psychic in South Jersey. She has the ability to unfold the past, present & mysteries of your future in one visit. Not only will she give you an in-depth analysis, she can do this without asking a single question! Charlie cares about giving meaningful advice to help you overcome struggles in your life. As a psychic spiritual healer and advisor, Charlie can help clarify, guide and heal her clients with her psychic astrology skills. 

A Note From Charlie...

"Do you Feel, Unhappy, Lonely, Lost, Confused?
Do you find yourself smiling on the outside but not the inside?

Do you have questions that you yearn for the answers?

If so, please give me a call because I can help you in every aspect of life.

Whether it is is love, marriage, money, health, happiness, confusion, jealousy or depression.

One visit to my office will truly put your mind at ease

Do you feel that there are dark forces around you, blocking you from your goals?
Do you feel like a lingering dark energy is following you or your family?
If so, I also am able to assist you in removing any dark forces, evil spirits, bad luck, negative energy & blockages.

Give me a call to finally put your mind at ease!"

Rocks in a rapidly flowing river bed
Psychic sitting with client doing a tarot reading

Services Offered: 

Palm Reading

Tarot Card Readings
Aura Readings
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual Healing
Aroma Therapy
Psychic Guidance
Astrology Reading

Past Life Regression

Phone Readings

Email Readings


Monday - Sunday

10:00 am


7:00 pm

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Location: 1520 Blackwood Clementon Road

Blackwood New Jersey, 08012

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